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Return Policy

 *All Clearance / Sales items are FINAL SALE items and are not eligible for returns only exchanges.

Venettini does not offer Customer Service for Venettini products purchased at authorized retailers. If you have problems with the purchase all the issues must be communicated directly with the retailer.

- All the items must be returned within 10 days of purchase.

- The shoes must be in perfect conditions and not show signs of wear, try and test shoes on carpeted surfaces only.

- All original packaging must be returned as well.


Restock Fee - US Customers

We have a return fee of U$ 9 per pair, except for orders shipped wrong.

Restock Fee - International Customers

We have a return fee of U$ 9 per pair + international freight, except for orders shipped wrong.


The restock fee and freight fee will be discounted.  

The following issues are not considered defects and are not covered for returns:

ORNAMENTS - Ornaments of any kind are not covered under our policy.

PEELING/SCRAPING - Shoes that are peeling, scraped or scratched, will not be accepted. Our material is made with high-quality leather, which can be scratched or peel off if it is scraped against hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt.

STITCHING - Stitching issues are only accepted for returns when the area surrounding the stitch is free of scrapping and signs of wear.

HOLES IN THE UPPER - Shoes with holes in the upper, including the toe and lower heel area will not be accepted. 


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